Course Introduction

If you found my Injury Prevention for Musicians course, it’s probably because you’re looking for a solution to playing-related pain, discomfort, or injury. Maybe the physical demands of being a musician are preventing you from playing your best, or maybe you simply want to be proactive about preventing injury so that you can continue making the music you love. Whether you are an amateur player, a music student, or a professional musician or music teacher, you can benefit from this injury prevention course. Throughout the course, you will learn about common causes of playing-related injury and gain tangible skills to help reduce your injury risk and take your playing to the next level. During the course, I’ll introduce nine different strategies for injury prevention, describing each strategy, walking you through how it can benefit musicians, and outlining practical applications for how to implement the wellness practices. This course includes 3 modules, 8 lectures (including the two free preview lectures and the two bonus lectures), 5 videos, 1 audio exercise, 3 special guest interviews, and 9 PDF downloads (including two bonus downloads!). That’s over 2 hours of content, which you’re free to move through at your own pace. For more information about the specific content included in this course, please check out my downloadable course outline, which you can find in this introduction section.

Injury Prevention for Musicians Course Outline.pdf